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Hey, I’m Daniel Joseph Files.  I’m an editor, director, writer, actor, and comedian living in Brooklyn, New York.  Here are some examples of my work:


I directed/edited these videos as introductory promos for live sketch shows with my comedy troupe, The Limit, at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY.  They’re wild.

Brown Eyed Girls- “Abracadabra”

Danny Elfman- “Beetlejuice Theme”

Electric Light Orchestra – “Xanadu”

Yelle- “A Caus de Garcons” (Tepr Remix)


Some sketch videos I made for my troupe, The Limit.

The Dolls

The Dauphin

Some Enchanted Evening


About the Why

Senior Documentary Film Project.  Directed by Jon Miller.  Editor.


“The Secret”

Web mini-feature for Chai Pani Indian Restaurant in Asheville, NC

Writer, Co-Director, Editor


My Slumbering Heart

Junior Narrative Mini-Project.  Writer, Director, Editor.


About diddyjfiles

Director, Editor, Photographer, Writer, Comedian, bipedal mammal based in Brooklyn.

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